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The FTD® Golden Splendor™ Bouquet The FTD® Bursts of Color™ Arrangement Teleflora's Gentle Comfort Basket

Teleflora's Pink Reverence Arrangement Teleflora's Large Sunshine and Smiles Teleflora's Garden Gathering Basket Teleflora's Elaborate Expressions Vase
Teleflora's Pink Promise Spray The FTD® Veronica™ Orchid Bouquet The FTD® Touch of Tropics™ Arrangement Teleflora's Springtime Splendor
The FTD® Light of Christmas™ Centerpiece The FTD® Faith and Understanding™ Bouquet Teleflora's Miniature Lavender Orchid in Small Bowl The FTD® Cascading Glory™ Arrangement
Teleflora's Loving Memories Teleflora's Perfect White Lilies Teleflora's Miniature Lavender Moth Orchid The FTD® Color Mix™ Bouquet
The FTD® Abundance of Love™ Bouquet Teleflora's Vibrant Memorial The FTD® Star Gazer Bouquet Teleflora's Large Spathiphyllum Plant
Teleflora's Luxurious Lavender Bouquet Teleflora's Miniature Lavender Orchid Teleflora's Sentimental Setting The FTD® White Linen™ Centerpiece
The FTD® Garden of Grace™ Planter The FTD® Meditation™ Arrangement Teleflora's Loving Beauty Bouquet Teleflora's Xanadu Philodendron
Celebrate the Season™ Teleflora's Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket The FTD® Tropicala™ Arrangement The FTD® Breathtaking Blooms™ Bouquet
The FTD® Many Thanks™ Bouquet The FTD® Flower Jeweled™ Gift Table Arrangement The FTD® Simple Sophistication™ Arrangement The FTD® Pink Effervescence™ Bouquet
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