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The FTD® Our Hearts Speak to You™ Standing Heart The FTD® Hearts Eternal™ Wreath Teleflora's White Orchid Plant

The FTD® Eternal Solace™ Arrangement The FTD® Morning Stars™ Arrangement The FTD® Enlightened Love™ Bouquet The FTD® Eternal Rest™ Heart
The FTD® With This Ring™ Wreath The FTD® Glorious Tribute™ Bouquet The FTD® Peaceful Thoughts™ Wreath The FTD® Worldwide Romance™ Unity Candle Arrangement
Red, White & Blue Sympathy Standing Spray The FTD® Bright Promise™ Bouquet Teleflora's Hope and Honor Cross The FTD® Peach Waterfall™ Bouquet
The FTD® Brilliant Blossoms™ Bouquet The FTD® Traditional Victorian™ Bouquet The FTD® Deepest Sympathy™ Arrangement The FTDŽ Exquisite Tribute™ Standing Spray
Teleflora's Sweet Visions Crystal Vase The FTD® Splendid Grace™ Arrangement The FTD® Lily and Rose Bouquet The FTD® Blessings of the Earth™ Easel
The FTD® Love and Honor™ Altar Arrangement The FTD® Simply Restful™ Arrangement Teleflora's Ring of Hope Wreath Teleflora's Cremation Urn Wreath
Teleflora's Respectful Pink Wreath The FTD® Sunset Dream™ Bouquet Teleflora's Red Regards Casket Spray The FTD® Display of Affection™ Arrangement
The FTD® Golden Memories™ Arrangement The FTD® Eternal Friendship™ Arrangement White Rose and Lily Standing Spray The FTD® Living Cross™ Easel
Teleflora's Eternity Wreath Teleflora's Peach Comfort Wreath Teleflora's Broken Heart The FTD® Broken Heart™
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