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The FTD® Golden Splendor™ Bouquet The FTD® Bursts of Color™ Arrangement Teleflora's Elaborate Expressions Vase

Teleflora's Garden Gathering Basket Teleflora's Pink Promise Spray Teleflora's Gentle Comfort Basket Teleflora's Pink Reverence Arrangement
Teleflora's Large Sunshine and Smiles The FTD® Veronica™ Orchid Bouquet Teleflora's Springtime Splendor The FTD® Touch of Tropics™ Arrangement
The FTD® Light of Christmas™ Centerpiece The FTD® Faith and Understanding™ Bouquet Teleflora's Sentimental Setting The FTD® Cascading Glory™ Arrangement
Teleflora's Miniature Lavender Moth Orchid Teleflora's Miniature Lavender Orchid Teleflora's Luxurious Lavender Bouquet Teleflora's Large Spathiphyllum Plant
Teleflora's Perfect White Lilies Teleflora's Miniature Lavender Orchid in Small Bowl The FTD® Color Mix™ Bouquet Teleflora's Loving Memories
The FTD® Abundance of Love™ Bouquet Teleflora's Vibrant Memorial The FTD® Star Gazer Bouquet The FTD® White Linen™ Centerpiece
The FTD® Garden of Grace™ Planter The FTD® Meditation™ Arrangement Teleflora's Loving Beauty Bouquet Teleflora's Xanadu Philodendron
Celebrate the Season™ Teleflora's Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket The FTD® Tropicala™ Arrangement The FTD® Breathtaking Blooms™ Bouquet
The FTD® Flower Jeweled™ Gift Table Arrangement The FTD® Many Thanks™ Bouquet The FTD® Simple Sophistication™ Arrangement The FTD® Trail of Flowers™ Garland
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